Machinery service

  • Machinery maintenance
  • Machinery controls updating, including CNC and robotic applications
  • Safety controls and safe guarding
  • Machinery restoration
  • Machinery repair; mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic

Phoenix Custom Engineering’s machinery service division is dedicated to keeping our customers’ manufacturing operations running. We offer a wide variety of machine repair. Whether you are a private, commercial, industrial, or federal entity, please feel free to contact us with any questions. We are committed to keeping your manufacturing operation running efficiently and if it is interrupted, we will work tirelessly to get it back up and running.

Machinery maintenance, inspections, and calibration

We offer machinery maintenance plans and inspection plans. Machinery inspections and reports are vital for letting our customers know the current conditions of the machinery. These inspections and reports allow us to help our customers budget and/or foresee upcoming machinery maintenance needs.

Machinery reconditioning

After many long production cycles, processing machinery and fabrication machinery will begin to lose accuracy, and parts will begin to fail. Here at Phoenix Custom Engineering, we offer scrapping services for machine dove tails, bearing surface, and machinery alignment. If parts for your machine are no longer available on the market, we can produce them in house.

Machinery controls reconditioning and control systems updates

All industrial machine applications require a method of control to render the machine operable. There are three main control systems that are used either singularly, or in conjunction with one another. These systems include electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic. Phoenix Custom Engineering will diagnose and repair your machinery regardless of their control systems. We also offer complete control systems updates to bring your machine back to new operating conditions.

Service picture gallery

Slide the tab with opposing arrows to see before and after pictures of this IZPE thread rolling machine.

Fiber optic systems repair & diagnosis

CNC systems update & reconditioning services

Furnace controls & updates

We also offer furnace controls replacement and update services.

Spindle rebuild services

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